Top 9 Questions

  1. Does my state accept’s EMS CE courses?

    Many states only require an online continuing education provider to be CAPCE approved. Some states require medical director approval before allowing an individual EMS provider to earn continuing education credits online. A few states do not allow EMS providers to earn continuing education credits online. Please consult with your state and/or local EMS office for current state requirements. Click here for more information

  2. What courses are offered?

    For a complete list of courses offered, click here

  3. How much do courses cost?

    For pricing information, click here

  4. Does the NREMT accept courses?

    The NREMT accepts continuing education credits from CAPCE approved providers. Therefore, if your state follows NREMT guidelines, then it accepts courses. Visit for more information on current NREMT requirements.

  5. What happens if I forget my password?

    If you forget your password, select the "I Forgot My Password" button on the "sign in" screen. Enter the e-mail address that you registered with. A password reset link will then be e-mailed to you. You must reset your password before signing in again. If you are still having problems signing in to your account, contact us at

  6. What category do your courses fall under for national registry F1, F2, F3, F4, F5?
    1. F1 = One time, live event, such as going to a Conference
    2. F2 = Live event taught multiple times, such as in-person instruction (ACLS, or a CE class)
    3. F3 (Distributive) = Any site that offers CE online or distributed learning via video or CD or print
      **Medic-CE self-paced courses are considered F3
    4. F5 = Virtual Instructor (online streaming) class
      **Medic-CE virtual, instructor-led training courses and programs are considered F5
  7. Are your courses instructor-based?

    Yes, in accordance with CAPCE requirements, we have an educator available to you via email or phone throughout your self-paced or virtual, instructor-led courses and for 30 days after the completion of your courses. If you are enrolled in our virtual, instructor-led courses, you will also have access to a live instructor during your scheduled classes.

  8. Do you submit my course completion records to my state?

    If you are not from VA, or FL, or are not a NJ EMT, we do not submit records to your state, as they do not allow us to.

  9. What is your California CE provider number?

    CSTEP1523. This is our CAPCE number. CAPCE is accepted by all counties in CA.

  10. How many hours can I earn in one day?

    For self-paced courses, you cannot exceed more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period. This is for your protection as most states will not allow you to recertify if you take more than 12 hours of self-paced training in one day. For virtual, instructor-led courses and programs, there is no limit on the number of hours you can take in a day as you are required to be in a live classroom with a live instructor and other students.

General Questions

  1. Who can take Medic-CE’s courses?

    Medic-CE EMS courses and programs are nationally accredited in the United States for both state and national certifications/licensure for all levels of providers. The Fire-CE courses are accepted in the State of Texas to meet the continuing education requirement for fire certification.

  2. Do you submit my course completion records to the National Registry?

    No, The NREMT does not currently allow us to submit them directly. We enter your hours on the NREMT website. We are currently working with CAPCE to develop automated reporting to NREMT.

  3. I am a Florida user, when can I expect to see my completed EMS CE courses in the Florida CE broker system?

    Your courses will post to CE broker the same day, assuming your license information is entered correctly.

  4. I am a New Jersey EMT, when can I expect to see my completed EMS CE courses in the NJ OEMS system?

    We submit all course completions for a particular month at the beginning of the next month. They are submitted dated with the date you evaluated it. It typically takes NJ OEMS a few weeks to get them uploaded after that. Note that NJ OEMS no longer makes online access available for NJ EMT's to view their uploaded records.

  5. I am a Virginia user, when can I expect to see my completed EMS CE courses in the VA OEMS system?

    Your complete courses will show up in the VA OEMS system 2 days after you complete the course/program through Medic-CE.

  6. What is the difference between a credit (CE or CME), credit hour (CEH), and credit unit (CEU)?

    The terms credit hour, credit unit, and credit are all used interchangeably on our website. However, some states define a credit unit as a collection of credit hours, and some states accredit courses with a different number of hours than does CAPCE. Subscription levels in Medic-CE are based off CAPCE hours.

    Once you enter your licensure information in your profile on Medic-CE, you can select your certification license to see hours applied versus your state certification in order to see what hours apply to your state certification.

  7. What do I have to do to complete a course program and receive credit?

    To receive credit for your course or program, you must complete the didactic portion (whether self-paced or instructor-led), pass the quiz with 80% or higher, and complete the post-course evaluation.

  8. Where do I get my certificates?

    After completing the exam AND evaluation, you will receive credit for the course. Your certificates will appear in the Certificates tab. If you are enrolled in a program such as refresher, you will ONLY receive credit when the entire program is complete. Only at that time will your certificate of completion will be available in the Certificates tab.

  9. How long does it take to get through a course or program?

    Currently any course that requires you to listen or read is timed out per the national accreditation requirements. You are required to spend the necessary time within the course before the exam will be unlocked. For all newer Medic-CE courses, you are required to actively participate and finish the course before the exam will be unlocked. The virtual, instructor-led courses and programs are considered hour-for-hour for continuing education credit, so the instructor in the classroom determines the time duration of the course based off the time scheduled for the course.

Accreditation and License Recertification

  1. What accreditation do’s EMS-CE courses have?

    Medic-CE is a CAPCE accredited organization. All EMS courses offered are CAPCE accredited. CAPCE (the Commission on Accreditation of Pre-Hospital Continuing Education) is an organization established to develop and implement policies to standardize the review and approval of EMS continuing education activities. The sponsoring organizations of CAPCE are, the American College of Emergency Physicians, National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, National Association of Emergency Medical Services Physicians, National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Directors, National Council of State Emergency Medical Services Training Coordinators, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, the National Association of EMS Educators, and the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians. For more information visit

  2. What accreditation do’s Fire-CE courses have?

    Fire-CE courses on are accredited by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP).

  3. How many credits can I apply from for my EMS license recertification requirements?

    The number of continuing education hours earned online that can be applied to your license recertification varies from state to state. Click here for more information.

    Medic-CE’s virtual, instructor-led (VILT) training courses and programs provide hour-for-hour continuing education credits. For example, if you take 48 hours of VILT courses or programs through Medic-CE you will get 48 hours of CE. VILT courses and programs are NOT distributive learning like self-paced courses, which means you can take 100% of your recertification online through Medic-CE and our virtual, instructor-led programs and self-paced courses.

Course / Program Enrollment

  1. How do I enroll in

    Click "Start Today! Create Account" on the homepage. Then, follow the few easy steps to set up your account. You will be asked to provide an e-mail address and a password. You will then need to supply the appropriate license information. After that, you will select "Create Account." Once your account is created you can sign in and purchase a subscription package, course or virtual instructor-led program to enter a subscription code to complete your purchase and begin your training.

    NOTE: If you do NOT provide accurate license information, you risk having incorrect information reported to your state and the NREMT. We report the information provided to us.

  2. Why do I need to provide my license information?

    Your state and or national license information is required by accreditation agencies in order for you to receive credit for the courses that you take. This information will be printed on your course completion certificates. NOTE: If you hold both a national and a state license, please provide both license numbers and expiration dates when registering.

  3. How do I renew my subscription?

    To renew your subscription, sign in and purchase a new subscription, course, or program.

Taking Self-Paced Courses

  1. How do I take a self-paced course?

    Once you have logged-in, select the "EMS or Fire Course Library" tab. Next, Search for the course you are looking for. Click on the course name to read a brief description of the course. Finally, click "Enroll." If you have purchased a subscription package, you will be taken to the course. If you have not purchased a subscription package, or are out of credits, you will not be granted access to the course.

  2. What steps must I complete to get credit for taking a course?

    You must either read or listen to the course material to ensure that the time requirement is met. When you have completed the self-paced course activity, you must successfully pass the exam with 80% or higher and take the post-course evaluation. Only after these tasks have been completed will your completed course information appear on your Medic-CE transcript.

  3. What happens if I fail a test?

    If you fail a test, you will be allowed to retake a new test, which will pull new questions from a test bank. However, you will be limited to a certain number of test attempts. Exceeding this limit will result in your failing that particular course.

    NOTE: For any courses you fail, the failure grade, completion date, and attempt grade will show in your Certificates tab.

  4. My state requires that I take a certain number of credit hours in specific continuing education categories. How can I tell which courses apply to which category?

    The "Course Library" tab separates the courses based on category. However, categories may vary slightly from state to state. Therefore, you can read a brief description of each course to determine which category the course applies to for your particular state. Medic-CE course library categories follows the 2016 National Standard.

Viewing and Printing Transcripts/Certificates

  1. How do I view/print my certificates?

    From your dashboard, click on the "Certificates" tab. Here, you can view a transcript of all completed courses. To print a certificate for an individual course, select the "Print" link next to the course name.

  2. How do I view/print my transcript?

    From your dashboard, click on the "Certificates" tab. Here, you can view a transcript of all completed courses. To print the transcript, select "file > print" from your browser tool bar. Or, simply select the "Print" link on the "Certificates" page.

Technical Specifications

  1. What are the minimum system requirements for works with the majority of browsers and devices (both phone, tablets, and computers). Should you have any technical problems with this site, you may first want to try using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you have any technical questions, please contact us at

    NOTE: Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported by Microsoft or Medic-CE.

  2. What app do I need to download to access the Medic-CE virtual classrooms on my smartphone or tablet?

    Medic-CE uses Adobe Connect to support our virtual classrooms. To participate in a virtual class from your smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the Adobe Connect Mobile app. Please visit the app store on your device or go to:

  3. Do I need an internet connection to participate in a course or program?

    Yes. Medic-CE is a web-based continuing education training program. If you are taking courses or programs form a smartphone or tablet and you have cellular data, you may participate without a WiFi connection.

    NOTE: Medic-CE is not responsible for cellular data charges from your phone carrier.

Taking Virtual Instructor-Led Training Programs

  1. Is a virtual, instructor-led course or program considered online distributive learning?

    No. Medic-CE’s virtual instructor-led courses and programs are granted hour-for-hour continuing education credit, just as if you are sitting in a classroom with other students and your instructor. This means you can take as many hours of virtual, instructor-led courses or programs through Medic-CE as you need to complete your recertification and that they are accepted 100% hour for hour by the NREMT as an F5 training course/program. This also applies to most states. Please check your state requirements by clicking HERE.

  2. If I sign up for a refresher program, do I have to take the courses in order?

    No. You choose the courses as they fit your schedule based off of when they’re offered on our live course schedule. We offer virtual, live courses 365 days a year to accommodate varying shifts, schedules, and time zones.

  3. When I sign up for a live course or live program it automatically assigns me to a schedule? Do I have to stay on the schedule it assigns me?

    No. The course or program schedule is assigned based on the first available class on the Medic-CE schedule to show you the quickest option for completing your course or program. If the date and time does not fit your schedule, then you can change the date for each course to better fit your schedule.

  4. What time zones are live courses and programs listed in?

    The Medic-CE live course schedule defaults to Eastern Standard Time.

  5. How are Medic-CE virtual courses or programs accredited?

    Medic-CE virtual, instructor-led training courses and programs are nationally accredited by CAPCE as F5 VILT courses/programs.

  6. When I click on Join Session, my computer keeps asking me to download an Adobe add-on. Why is nothing else happening?

    Please check your web browser preferences to ensure your pop-up blocker is NOT turned on. This should resolve the problem as this will keep the classroom from being able to open.

  7. I have failed my exam in a live course 3 times and it is now locked. What do I need to do?

    Before the exam can be unlocked, our clinical education staff will review your exam to determine if a verbal remediation must be completed. If not, the exam will be unlocked for 3 more attempts and will be noted in your student account.

  8. Which refresher live refresher program should I enroll in?

    Medic-CE provides both the new NCCP refresher programs as well as the 2012 I-99 NREMT refresher programs. If you are in a state that requires NCCP, please ensure you enroll in the NCCP refresher program for your licensure/certification level. If you are in a state following the 2012 guidelines that is not considered an NCCP state, please ensure you enroll in the program for your licensure/certification level that does NOT say NCCP refresher program. Please click HERE to determine if your state is an NCCP state.

  9. How long do I have to finish the refresher program?

    From the day you sign up, you have 2 years to complete the program.

  10. How do I know which courses I still have to finish to complete my program?

    To check the status of your progress in a program, click on the live course schedule for the program you are enrolled in. Here it will show you which courses you still need to complete to successfully finish the program.

  11. I showed up a couple minutes late for class and the educator would not let me in. Why?

    Since credit hours are awarded hour for hour we require that a student be present for a minimum of 90% of the classroom time. If you show up 10 minutes past the start time, you would be below that threshold and will not be allowed in the class. You will need to take the class at another time.

    If you are having technical difficulties getting in a classroom and are late because of that, please contact us so we can notify the educator and let them know to allow you in so you can finish. We STRONGLY encourage students to login 15 minutes prior to the start of a virtual, live class to ensure no technical difficulties.

  12. What steps must I complete to finish a VILT course?

    First, you must ensure you are enrolled and scheduled to attend the live session. On the day and at the time specified, login to the live classroom. Once you have completed the live session, the educator will ensure that the student roster syncs and will then activate the exam, notifying you via email and in the Notifications section that the exam is available. This happens within 10 minutes after the completion of a live course. After successfully passing the quiz with an 80% or higher, you must then complete the post-course evaluation to receive credit and for that course to be marked as completed.

  13. I finished a VILT course that is part of a program, but the certificate is not showing up in my Certificates tab. Why?

    If you are enrolled in a program, you are NOT awarded individual credit for each course. You must complete all the courses within the program to successfully complete the program and receive credit. As an example, if you have 12 courses in a 24-hour program, you must complete all 12 courses to receive all 24 credits for the refresher program purchased. Your credit will show in your Certificates tab as a refresher program and not as individual course listings.

  14. Do I need a webcam to participate in a live course or program?

    No. The only requirement is that you are able to communicate via text in the classroom with students and the educator. If you have a microphone, you are welcome to use that as well, but it is not required. If you have a webcam and turn it on, be aware that it could slow down your bandwidth.

  15. I don't need an entire refresher program. I just need a couple of hours in different categories to fulfill my requirement. Is that an option?

    Yes. With Medic-CE, you can pick and choose which live courses you need and pay per credit hour for those courses to help fulfill your recertification requirements.

  16. I just purchased a VILT course / program and am trying to get in but the Join buttons are not showing. What should I do?

    Our platform syncs student rosters every hour. If you purchased your virtual course / program within the hour, the student roster sync may not have happened. Our system will enroll you in the next available course automatically when you sign up. You may change that scheduled course at any time.

  17. How do I enroll in a virtual, instructor-led course or program?

    If you are an existing student, you can enroll in a live course or program by looking the course/program up in the course library and clicking on it, paying for the course or program, and then enrolling like you do for a self-paced course. If you are new to Medic-CE, go to and follow the link to the Virtual Instructor-Led Courses/Programs page to sign up.

  18. I already have a subscription with Medic-CE. Why can I not enroll in a VILT course or program using my subscription?

    The unlimited subscription packages are for self-paced courses only. If you want to take a live instructor-led course or program, you will need to purchase these courses or programs separately.

  19. Does the Critical Care Transport Review Program certify me to be a Critical Care Paramedic or Flight Paramedic?

    No. Upon successful completion of the 48-hour program, you will be eligible to schedule an exam with The International Board of Specialty Certification. Our Critical Care Program is accredited by CAPCE and The International Board of Specialty Certification. For more information on exam requirements for CC-P or FP-C upon successful completion of our program, please go to:

  20. Does the Critical Care Transport Review Program come with a book?

    No. But you may purchase the book used in the development of the curriculum. The current program is based off the 2011 Critical Care Transport Textbook by Jones & Bartlett.

  21. Is there a limit on the number of virtual live courses I can take in a 24-hour period?

    No. Virtual Instructor-Led Courses are different than self-paced courses. Virtual, instructor-led courses and programs provide CEUs based on live instructor time. If there are 24 hours of classes scheduled in a 24-hour period that fit the course or program you have signed up for and you can attend and actively participate in every session and successfully pass the post-course exams and complete the post-course evaluations, then you will be awarded 24 hours of credit. These are considered CAPCE or NREMT F5 courses/programs, which means credit is awarded for live instructor-led online courses just as if you are sitting in a classroom in front of an educator with students sitting next to you.

    NOTE: It is not typical for Medic-CE to schedule an entire refresher program in a 24-hour period.

  22. Do I have to be in front of a computer to take the live instructor-led courses / programs?

    No. As long as you have internet access via WiFi or cellular data on your smartphone or tablet and have downloaded the Adobe Connect Mobile app, you can take any pre-scheduled, live, instructor-led course from anywhere you have internet connection.

    NOTE: Cellular data charges may apply.

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